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Tipperary Migrant Integration Strategy

Press Release
13 October 2023

Tipperary Local Community Development Committee welcomes and celebrates the rich contributions of different nationalities and ethnicities to the understanding and expression of what it means to be Irish in the twenty-first century. Notwithstanding the overwhelming positives associated with migration, there are challenges. The migrant experience has not been homogenous, and while most are integrating well into life in Tipperary, some are falling behind and many migrants are vulnerable to economic and social exclusion.

Migrants are more likely than Irish people to hit glass-ceilings with respect to the progression of their careers, and several are not employed in the sectors in which they are qualified. Migrant populations are under-represented in many facets of life, including civil society and political structures. Regrettably, racism, xenophobia and prejudice are features of Irish life, and migrants, particularly Roma and those who have come from Africa and Asia, have been on the receiving end of attitudes and behaviours that run counter to the norms and principles of integration.

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