Silouette graphic representing Tipperary

Burial Ground Grant- Cashel Tipperary MD

What is Eligible: Any Burial Ground Committee in District

Grant Size: Dependent on the allocation from the General Municipal Allocation (GMA) for the district and the burial ground category. The category amount may change depending of GMA allocation. The table below shows the grant payable per category in 2023.


Burial Ground Category  Cashel Tipperary Municipal District



Burial Ground


Category 1.

Modern Burial Ground Over 1 acre


Category 2.

Old Burial Ground up to  ½ acre


Category 3.

Old Burial Ground ½ acre – 1 acre


Category 4.

Old Burial Ground over 1 acre


Match funding requirement: No

Indicative timelines/dates: The grant is advertised in February with a closing date for Applications in March.  After which grants are approved at the Council plenary Meeting and payment issues to the Committee on receipt of the required documentation.

Frequency: Annually

Status: Open