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An Taisce Report – IBAL Anti-Litter League, Survey 1, 2024

Press Release
25 June 2024

Nenagh: 7th out of 40 towns / cities surveyed. Cleaner than European Norms. 

An excellent result for Nenagh with no heavily littered sites and all bar two getting the top litter grade. The approach roads presented well, creating a positive first impression of the town. A lovely feature of Nenagh Train Station was ‘Water Column’ indicating the significance of same during the era of the steam locomotive. Despite a number of closed down / vacant premises along Pearse Street, it still managed to get the top litter grade. Nenagh Castle Grounds / Castle Garden is an oasis of calm with lovely seating and an abundance of birdlife enjoying the planting. 

Kenyon Street Public Car Park: Grade A. A very good impression was created at this street level, car park. Sometimes, similar car parks around the country can appear clean but harbour litter around the perimeter – not in this instance. Signage associated with the use of the car park was in good order. The paint on the ‘Kenyon Street’ electricity box was wearing away, along with some graffiti. 

Bottle Bank, Kenyan Street Public Car Park: Grade B+. This was a freshly presented and generally well-maintained facility. Minor items to the front and cardboard boxes to the rear took away from an otherwise good facility. Perhaps placing the ‘recycle bin’ units flush against the wall would reduce the possibility of items being placed behind the units? 

R497 Dolla Approach Road: Grade A. (from Walshe’s of Nenagh) A somewhat more rural route than the other two which were surveyed. The overall impression was a good one with road surface / markings / signage in good order. 

Deposit Return Scheme, Lidl: Grade A. A spotless facility with dedicated area to ‘Please empty any excess liquid from your containers below’. 

Mr Price: Grade B. There were some loose food related items along the perimeter wall, but it was the ‘industrial’ wrapping around the storage / crate area which brought down the litter grade. This area needs to be better managed to prevent a further build-up of same. There were no visible litter bins in the immediate area. 

Pearse Street: Grade A. Clearly a careful eye is kept on the various closed down / vacant premises along this street – there was no litter directly associated with them. Little has been done to ‘take away the bare look’ (apart from the Shane MacGowan tribute) – this is something that can really impact the overall impression of a street. The paving was mixed in condition – some stretches were lovely new stone, others were ‘tired / cracked’. There was a virtual absence of litter throughout this long street. 

Nenagh Castle Grounds / Castle Garden: Grade A. The open green space and the relatively recently opened Castle Garden (2019) were exceptionally clear of litter. It was a lovely environment with plenty of bird-life enjoying the trees / planting. Signage at the entrance to the Castle Garden highlights that ‘Dog Fouling is a litter offence’. Wooden seating was in very good condition. 

R445 from M9: Grade A. (direction of Junction 24) All appeared in good order, creating a positive first impression of Nenagh. Features included welcome signage, colourful planter boxes, nice seating on the right-hand side. There were no visible litter issues. 

R498 Thurles Approach Road: Grade A. Much of this route, from ‘Welcome to Nenagh’ to the town passes through residential and closer to the town, some former commercial premises. The latter were not littered.

 Nenagh Train Station: Grade A. A lovely feature is the ‘Water Column’ and notice indicating the historical significance of same during the era of the steam locomotive. The signage is looking a bit grubby / tired. The remainder of the station presented well with the seating / cigarette butt facility in very good condition.