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Adopted Budget 2022

Budget Strategy and Process

Within the national and local economic contexts set out above and, in particular, the very

real challenge in preparing a draft Budget at a time of economic volatility and uncertainty, the

key objective is to stabilise the Council`s finances to ensure that we will:

  • maintain essential and other local authority services,
  • continue the programme of supports to our communities,
  • contribute positively to the climate action agenda,
  • support our local economy, local communities and local business throughout the

  • commit to our ambitious capital programme through the provision of ongoing

    matched funding in the revenue budget,
  • seek continued efficiencies in service provision, cost reduction and value for money.

Members will be aware of the challenges presented to our own livelihoods, our health and our communities by the changes in climate and in our environment.

The Climate Action Plan 2019 proposed the preparation of 5 year carbon budgets and a newly constituted Climate Action Council to advise Government on the setting of budgets.

In October 2021, the Climate Change Advisory Council submitted proposed carbon budget changes consistent with a 51% reduction in greenhouse gases in 2030 by comparison with 2018. Carbon budgets prescribe the maximum amount of greenhouse gases that may be emitted over a specific period of time.

Following consideration by Government and the Oireachtas, sectoral emission ceilings will be set for relevant sectors of the economy. This, in time, will translate to specific targets for each sector including the local authority sector.

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