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Housing Delivery Action Plan

Social Housing Targets and Proposed Delivery under Action Plan 2022-2026

TCC as identified Social Housing Delivery Target of 1125 units for the period 2022 to 2026 and the projected delivery is outlined in the attached Housing Action Plan.


Tipperary County Council prepared a Housing Local Strategic Plan for people with a disability 2022-2027. 492 people were identified with a disability who needed social housing support, 225 of which had a physical disability or 6.4% of approved housing applicants as of 31/12/2021. Assuming a pro-rata distribution of gross need to nett need (3499/1109), this equates to approximately 166 applicants with a disability of which 75 have physical need requirements. There is a minimum 79 units identified under CAS to date in the Housing Action Plan 2022-2026 and this will be increased over time. It is worth noting 242 units for disability were provided over the period 2017-2021.

Age Friendly Housing

Tipperary County Council is piloting an age friendly project at Gantley Road, Roscrea which will deliver in the region of 14 units in conjunction with an RRDF application. We are also open to proposals from Approved Housing Bodies.


Tipperary County Council has a fulltime vacant homes officer who is active throughout the County both in terms of Buy & Renew/Repair & Lease Scheme and is directly engaging with property owners, chamber of commerce, auctioneers and others assisting and advising of the opportunities that are available. A number of points to note

• We will increase output under Buy & Renew in the years 2023-2026 where opportunities exist and value for money can be achieved.

• We are targeting brown field sites for acquisition in the context of new build and have bee successful in a number of instances to date

• Tipperary County Council will commence the CPO of vacant property in 2022 with assistance from the Housing Agency

• The process of mapping vacant sites in our towns has begun and this will assist with identifying owners and opportunities

Housing Typology (1,2,3,4+ Bedroom)

It is acknowledged that the 1 / 2 bed requirement is very significant and an increased emphasis has been placed on this house size under Housing for All. 1 bed’s are identified for a number of the brown field sites we have purchased to date and this will continue to be the emphasis going forward. 4 bed units also form part of our new scheme designs and we will see a roll out commencing in 2022 and continuing throughout Housing for All

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