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Road Closure Application


Two notices are required to go on the paper – notice of intention and notice of decision.

Six weeks is the time required for closing a road (date would depend on when notice is received).

Both notices must be placed in one or more newspapers circulating in the area.

Temporary closure of roads are normally used in the case of road races, major road or bridge construction, pipe laying and other similar works.

When a Road Closure is requested, the date for closing of the road must be agreed with the Area Engineer and/or the Senior Engineer, prior to the submission of the application.

The road closure request must be in the Roads Office by the previous Thursday/Friday in order that a space can been booked though Media Vest for the following week’s local paper (Nenagh Guardian, Midland Tribune/Tipperary Star/Nationalist). The advert should appear in the local paper pertaining to where the road to be closed is situate. If a National road/strategic regional road is being closed, AA Roadwatch are notified by e-mail to have a shortened version of the road closure announced and to have same placed on their website.

Where it is necessary to close a road as a matter of urgency or where the closure is to be prolonged, a notice must be published as soon as possible stating:

i) that the road has been closed.

ii) The reason why it has been closed

iii) The period for which it has been closed

iv) Alternative routes.

It should be noted that an extension to a road closure may only take place once and the advert must appear in the newspaper circulating in the area BEFORE the existing road closure is due to finish otherwise the procedure must start from the beginning.

Road Closure Application Fees

  • Advertising costs must be paid by the applicant
  • An administration fee of 15% of the advertising costs will apply in respect of Road Closure Applications from 1 January 2020.