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Well Grants Scheme


The objective of the Well Grant Scheme is to assist households dependent on private individual water supplies

who are incurring capital expenditure to:

  • provide a piped supply of water for domestic purposes, or
  • remedy serious deficiencies in an existing supply of water for domestic purposes.

The scheme does not apply to houses to which a public or group scheme water supply has already been

provided or can reasonably be provided.

Works carried out before a prior inspection by the Local Authority do not qualify under the scheme.

Water Quality Testing and Reporting.

Water Quality Testing is to be carried out by person(s) trained in obtaining a sample for the purposes of Drinking Water. Samples are to be taken from the kitchen sink tap. Reporting is to be carried out by a Laboratory Accredited for the purposes of analysing and reporting upon Drinking Water Quality. A full list of Accredited Laboratories is obtainable by contacting the Irish National Accreditation Board at  1890 289 389. You do need to have the Laboratory you engage confirm that they are accredited for the purpose of testing and reporting upon drinking water under the Drinking Water Regulations.

Water Quality Reports are required under both headings Bacteriological and Chemical.