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The following rules apply for donations:

  • The maximum amount that can be accepted in the same calendar year by a member of a local authority or by a local election candidate from the same source is 1,000 euro.
  • A candidate or member of a local authority who receives a monetary donation that exceeds 100 euro must open and maintain a political donations account in a financial institution.

Certain donations are restricted:

  • It is prohibited to accept a donation from an anonymous source which exceeds 100 euro.
  • Donations in cash which exceed 200 euro are also prohibited.

There are specific rules covering corporate donations which exceed 200 euro – the donor must be registered with the Standards in Public Office Commission and evidence that the donation was approved by the corporate body must be provided

For comprehensive guidelines on Expenditure and Donations please see the documents below;

Register of Election Expenses - Local Elections 2019

A Summary of the Election Expense Statements for Councillors and Candidates following the Local Elections 2019 are available on the link below.

The individual Donation Statements are available to view in the Civic offices, Clonmel during normal working hours i.e. 9.30a.m. to 4.30p.m. Monday-Friday.