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Property Requests

Local authorities may work with individuals and groups with interests in Council-owned properties.

Property Related Enquiries

If you have a property related enquiry please email

Please provide a detailed description of the location of the property, the reasons for your interest in the property and any other information you may deem relevant. Where possible include the GPS co-ordinates of the property and attach a Location Map of the property to ensure the property can be easily identified and include contact name, address and mobile or land line number. Where the request is being made on behalf of a Community Group, a Limited Company or another entity please provide details.

Please note this does not apply to Social Housing Applications, which are dealt with directly by Housing Section.

Alternatively, you can complete the attached form and return it by post to:

Property Manager,

Tipperary County Council,

Civic Offices,

Emmet St.,


Co. Tipperary

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