Silouette graphic representing Tipperary

Re-Turn Points

Here you will find a list of Re-turn points for recycling bottles and cans at designated areas in Tipperary.

Re-Turn Point Map

For a list of Re-Turn points in Tipperary see here

What containers can be recycled?

Plastic bottles and aluminum or steel cans branded with a RE-Turn logo can be returned. 

Most drinks containers such as bottles, cans and tins made from plastic, aluminum or steel can be returned once they are between 150ml and 3 liters in size and have the Re-turn logo on them.

The containers should be empty, undamaged and in their original shape. The barcode must also be readable.

What is not included in the recycling scheme?

If your container doesn’t have the Re-turn logo on it, you can’t return it and it should be recycled as normal.

Containers which are not included in the scheme and can’t be returned include:

  • Glass bottles or containers
  • All dairy products (for example, milk containers, yogurt containers, etc)
  • Containers over 3 liters

You will not be able to return drinks containers which were bought before 1 February 2024 as these will not have the Re-turn logo.