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Older people

All pages relating to older people.

Healthy Age Friendly Homes Programme

Age Friendly Ireland run a programme to support older people to continue to live independently in their own home or in a home more suited to their needs.

Arts and Older People Initiatives

Local authorities may run initiatives for older people to help them access and take part in the arts as artists, audience members, critics and arts workers.

Older People's Council Support

Local authorities may set up and support older people's Local authorities to represent the views of older people, promote inclusion of older people in communities, prevent age related isolation and loneliness, and promote fitness and active ageing.

Age Friendly Initiatives

Local authorities may run initiatives to support accessible and inclusive services for older people in housing, transport, social participation and inclusion, communication and information, community safety and health and wellbeing.

Housing Aid for Older People Grant

Local authorities may provide grants to older people who own their own home for repairs or improvement works to make their privately owned home more suitable to their needs.