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Exempted Drinking Water Supplies

In accordance with the European Communities (Drinking Water) (No.2) Regulations, 2007, Tipperary County Council monitors the quality of drinking waters from all public supplies, all private supplies supplying more than 10 cubic metres a day on average or supplying more than 50 people and private supplies supplying less than the above if there is a commercial or public activity associated with the supply.

Tipperary County Council does not monitor other supplies (known as ‘exempted’ supplies as they are exempt from the regulations quoted above). Regulation 14 of the Drinking Water Regulations addresses these exempted water supplies.

The two main types of water supply that fall into this category of exempted supplies are:

  • Private Wells serving domestic dwellings and
  • Small Group Water Schemes (generally serving less than 50 persons)

Persons on these exempted supplies (which are predominantly wells) should ensure that these sources are properly constructed and maintained so as to minimise any threat of pollution and consequent threat to their health.

We have provided an information leaflet for owners of unregulated supplies. This leaflet provides information on how to keep a private water supply safe.