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Membership is open to persons between the ages of 18 and 65. Members are drawn from all walks of life with diversity in age, education, social background and physical abilities. The following gives an outline of what is expected of members:

Carry our duties in compliance safely legislation and work to the best of her/his ability

Uphold and Enhance the good standing and reputation of the Civil Defence Organisation

Wear the Civil Defence Uniform/Working Dress while on Duty

Ensure that where possible Civil Defence activity does not damage the environment

Be a Leader in your community and always act to promote and safeguard the interest and well being of the community

Recognise and respect the individuality and dignity of each person under your care and respond to the situation regardless of ethnic origin, religious beliefs or other factor

Always treat members of the public with respect and consideration ensuring that no action, mistake or lapse in responsibility affect the safety or interest of the public or those under Civil Defence care

Recognise and respect the involvement of others in the planning and delivery of assistance for the overall good

Members, to show that they are part of a world-wide network of VOLUNTEERS, wear the International Badge.