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National History

Civil Defence is a Nationwide Voluntary based organisation which consists of highly skilled and professionally trained personnel who give their time freely to serve their communities. It is open persons between the ages of 18yrs and 65yrs.

Civil Defence was set up in 1950’s as part of a National Defence response to potential hazards which may arise during a war time situation such as radioactive fallout, biological or chemical warfare.

With the end of the Cold War at the end of the 1980’s the emphasis for Civil Defence changed to one of community support and emergency response.

In addition to this Civil Defence members prepare and undertake extensive training to be in a position to provide appropriate response as a back-up service to the Local Emergency Services in the event of an emergency situation occurring.

The real strength of the Civil Defence organisation is the fact that the members give of their time, expertise and experience in a voluntary manner.

A detailed overview of the national history of Civil Defence can be viewed on the “About Us” page on the national Civil Defence Website (link below).

Civil Defence Website