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Firefighter Recruitment Information and Advice

Local authorities provide information and advice to those interested in becoming fulltime or retained firefighters including details of the application requirements and recruitment process.

Careers the Fire Service

There are two main divisions of firefighter: full-time firefighters and retained firefighters.

The Fire Service is also tasked with Fire Prevention. The main duties of a Fire Prevention Officer are to survey buildings under construction and existing buildings to ensure fire safety regulations are adhered to. Community Fire Safety is also under the remit of the Fire Service amongst other services.

Careers in the Irish Fire & Rescue Service fall into 2 categories:

  1. Fire Fighter
  2. Senior Fire Officer

To find out more information on joining the service and to complete a quick questionnaire on 'Do you have what it takes to join the Fire Service' please download the below documents...and you never know we might be seeing you on the fire ground in the future !!!!

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