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Commercial Rates Valuation Review Support

Local authorities, together with the Valuation Office, may support occupiers of rateable properties to have their rateable valuation reviewed.

Valuation Order

The Commissioner of Valuation has signed a Valuation Order for the Tipperary County Council rating authority area on 6th October 2017, and the revaluation of all commercial and industrial properties will now commence.

As a first step the Valuation Office will write to all owners/occupiers of rated properties per the Valuation Offices records who will now be required to complete and return a Revaluation Information Form, (preferable online).

The National Revaluation Programme has been completed in 15 Local Authorities and Tipperary is one of 7 counties to be included in the Revaluation 2019 programme.

The Valuation Office have informed us that they have a fully staffed office to deal with any queries that may arise and all queries should be referred to them rather than to Tipperary County Council. The Revaluation Helpline may be contacted by telephone on 01 817 1033 or by emailing

The Revaluation Programme will be completed in 2019, with the changes to be implemented for the 2020 rates.

Once completed the Revaluation process will be repeated every 5-10 years in order to maintain the valuation list as up to date as possible.

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