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Trailer Registration

You must register a new or imported trailer for the first time with the local authority.

Trailer Licences

Trailer licences refer to Trailers with a Gross Vehicle Design Weight in excess of 3,500kg. There is a legal requirement to license trailers annually at the Motor Tax Office, though there is no fee for the annual renewal of a licence. The Forms required for registration and taxing are:

  • TF100 – used for the registration and licensing of trailers / semi-trailers or change of particulars.
  • TF200 – used to register change of ownership.
  • TF300A –weight identification certificate for new / imported trailer / semi-trailer
  • TF300B – weight identification certificate for trailers outside scope of type approval or modified subsequent to first licencing

Forms are located at the bottom of the page

First Licensing of single-stage built trailers manufactured on or after 29th October 2012 must be accompanied by a type approval certificate in order to be licensed for the first time in Ireland: A type approval certificate will be supplied by the distributor/manufacturer when you purchase your trailer and either EC or Irish approval certificates are acceptable. To apply for first licensing in the above category, you will need:

  1. Application form TF100
  2. Weight Identification certificate TF300A,which is a weight identification certificate. A copy of the type approval certificate must be attached to this form..
  3. Fee of €60

In order to license a vehicle previously licensed or registered in another EU member state, the same process as above applies with the exception that instead of Type Approval Certificate being required it will be sufficient to supply evidence of previous registration or licensing in another Member state with the Form TF300A. Either a Registration Certificate from the relevant Member State or alternatively a letter from the relevant National Trailer Registration / Licensing Authority. The type approval requirements will be extended to:

  • Multistage built trailers (manufactured in more than one stage by more than one manufacturer) on or after the 29th October 2013.
  • Special Purpose trailers (declared by manufacturer, in consultation with NSAI, as having specific technical features in order to perform a function which requires special arrangements and/or equipment) on or after 29th October 2014.

To apply for first licensing of vehicles manufactured before 29th October 2012 you will need:

  • Application form TF100
  • Weight Identification certificate TF300B - this form must be completed by the manufacturer, or where the manufacturer cannot be contacted, the form must be completed by an Approved Test Centre (ATC) of the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) – the full list of ATC’s can be found at
  • Fee of €60

Exempt: Please note that Heavy Goods Trailers which are designed to be towed exclusively by agricultural tractors and Trailers which are designed and constructed exclusively for use by the Defence Forces, Civil Defence, Gardai or Fire Services are exempt from Type Approval Requirements. To renew a Trailer Licence annually, you will need:

  1. Application form TF100
  2. Licence card TF5
  3. Current Certificate of roadworthiness

To notify a change of details regarding the owner or vehicle you will need:

  1. Application form TF100 to notify any change of details regarding the owner, OR, Application Form TF300B to notify any change of details regarding the vehicle
  2. Licence card TF5

To notify the sale of a trailer, you will need:

  1. Notification of transfer form TF200, completed by both seller and buyer
  2. Licence card TF5 submitted by the new owner

To notify that a trailer is scrapped, destroyed or exported, you will need:

  1. Written notification of scrappage / destruction / export
  2. Surrender Licence card TF5

To apply for a replacement Trailer Licence Card, you will need:

  1. Application Form RF134 see for form.
  2. Fee of €6
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