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Social Housing Support

Local authorities may provide social housing to you if you qualify and cannot afford to rent or buy your own home.

Local Authority Housing

Local authorities are the main providers of housing for people who have been deemed to have a Housing Need.

To be considered for local authority housing in Tipperary, you should apply to this Authority using the application form below. Applicants will be assessed in accordance with Housing Assessment Regulations 2011, which came into effect from 1st April 2011.

If deemed to be in need of housing, applicants are placed on the waiting list and considered for vacancies in accordance with the Allocation Scheme.

Please contact the Housing Section for more information at +353(0)818 06 5000.

Housing Allocation Scheme Information

Public Representative Nomination/Change Request

Tipperary County Council housing section operates a practice of allowing an elected public representative (a councillor/TD/senator) to be nominated by anyone that is submitting /has submitted a housing application.

The role of the nominated public representative in this instance can be to explain to you how the council’s housing allocation scheme works, to assist you in completing your application form, to explain about the eligibility criteria, about areas of choice, the documentation to be accompanied with an application form etc. They can also contact the housing section on your behalf and discuss with them any information in relation to your file/application.

They cannot influence the allocation of any property – allocations are undertaken by the officials within the council in accordance with the Housing Allocation Scheme which is adopted by the members of the Council and is available on the following link. (Adopted Allocation Scheme 2000)

If you wish to nominate a public representative to act on your behalf, please submit the following form with your housing application or request it to be considered with an existing housing application.

If you have previously nominated a public representative to act on your behalf and now wish to nominate a different representative, please submit the following change of mind form. Once you change your public representative, the housing section cannot discuss your application with your previous nominated public representative and we will write to them to inform them of this change.

Related Information

Housing Allocation Scheme

The purpose of the Housing Allocation Scheme is to provide a means of determining the order of priority to be accorded in the allocation of dwellings to:

Housing Delivery Action Plan

Social Housing Targets and Proposed Delivery under Action Plan 2022-2026

TCC as identified Social Housing Delivery Target of 1125 units for the period 2022 to 2026 and the projected delivery is outlined in the attached Housing Action Plan.