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Community Projects Grant

Local authorities may provide financial support to community and voluntary groups to support cultural, artistic and community development projects that improve the quality of life.

Carrick-on-Suir Municipal District Community Grants Scheme 2024

This ‘Community Grants Scheme’ is formulated to assist community groups in the Carrick-on-Suir Municipal District in meeting their running costs (current costs) and in finding new projects which create an asset for the community (capital costs). Projects assisted must assist in the achievement of Tipperary County Council’s objectives and goals. The scheme is funded from the Local Property Tax (LPT). 


Applicant must show that the activity is of benefit to the community. The grant assistance to be paid will be at the discretion of Tipperary County Council but will not in any case exceed 50% of the cost of the work being assisted.


The groups that may be assisted include:

  • Community committees
  • Parish councils
  • Sports, arts or heritage committees
  • Chambers of commerce or similar bodies.


This list is not exhaustive. Applicant groups will have to demonstrate that they are democratic in nature and community-based. In practice, this means that the group’s constitution and the minutes of the most recent annual general meeting will have to be submitted.


Applicant must be registered with the Public Participation Network and must be tax compliant.


Where grant assistance is sought towards running costs (current costs), the types of items eligible for consideration will include:


  • Maintenance costs for 2024
  • Utility costs – incurred in 12 months prior to date of application, where not already claimed.
  • Insurance costs – incurred for current year 2024



Where grant assistance is sought towards once-off projects (capital costs creating an asset), the types of items eligible for consideration will include:


  • Creation of amenity area(s)
  • Creation of a community-based service
  • Monuments of historic, tourist, or community value
  • Rehabilitation of derelict or near derelict areas in the designated centre of a settlement
  • Project development costs for a major project to be funded by LEADER or similar funding scheme.


Applicant may use voluntary work to match funding for a project. In this case, a timesheet signed by the person doing the work, and countersigned by an officer of the group showing the dates and number of hours worked may be submitted. Voluntary work will be priced at €14.00 per hour. 


Funding will not be considered for the following;


  • Festivals and events.
  • Projects assisted by Community Employment Scheme
  • Projects that have already attracted funding from Tipperary County Council
  • Food, drink, or entertainment costs.


The closing date for receipt of completed applications with supporting documentation is Thursday, 21st March 2024


All supporting documentation must be submitted by this date in order to be considered for the 2024 Community Grant.

If your application is successful 


To draw down a payment, the applicant must submit

  • Proof of payment (extract from bank statement and receipts)
  • Evidence of compliance with public procurement guidelines.
  • Timesheets duly certified



There will be two scheduled payment dates for this scheme – May 2024 and September 2024. All documentation must be submitted in advance of these payment dates

Receipts of funding in previous years is not guarantee of funding in 2024. Likewise, allocation of funding in 2024 is no guarantee of funding in future years. Terms and conditions apply and the decision of Carrick on Suir Municipal District on grant applications is final.

Tipperary County Council reserves the right to audit any project it assists.


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