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Local authorities may provide information and advice about the arts and arts events by publishing newsletters, distributing leaflets, publishing information on social media and websites, or sending email alerts.

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Tipperary Arts Strategy 2023 - 2027 will be published here in early January.                                                                                                  

Tipperary Arts Strategy 2017 - 2022 is available through this link

Tipperary Child Safeguarding Statement.                                  Please see link with information from the current website. 

Related Information

Tipperary Arts Office Child Safeguarding Statement

Tipperary Arts Office is committed to ensuring that children are protected and kept safe from harm whilst they are engaged in any activity associated with the Arts Office. This includes ensuring appropriate policies and procedures are in place and that any concerns are reported and recorded appropriately.

These policies have been developed in line with the requirements under the:

When the Orchestra came to the Castles

Tipperary’s most historic castles welcomed one of the world’s leading orchestras at the weekend for two very special performances and “changeable” weather did nothing to dampen spirits

Ormond Castle in Carrick on Suir and Cahir Castle were the locations as the Irish Chamber Orchestra debuted their collaboration with Grammy nominated guitarist Jimmy Smyth and vocalist Karrie Holmes for two free concerts presented by CWB Productions with the support of Tipperary County Council and the OPW under the Local Live Performance Programming Scheme.

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Arts Officer:
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Tel: 0818 06 5000

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Fiona Flavin
0818 06 5000