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Creative Ireland Programme

Local authorities may run cultural events and activities to promote community wellbeing as part of the national Creative Ireland Programme.

Creative Ireland Strategy 2023- 2027

The Tipperary Culture and Creativity Strategy 2023–2027 has been published. Over the past five years the Creative Ireland programme has supported groups and organisations right across the county in activating and supporting creativity in our communities.

This strategy allows our Tipperary County Council to look broadly at creative endeavour and community and identifies strategic priorities for the coming years. Tipperary County Council looks forward to the collaborations and initiatives that will evolve throughout this process and to seeing the implementation of the plan over the next five years


Cultural and Creative Strategy 2023-2027

Mná Month at Cashel Library 2024

Cashel Library have dedicated the entire month of March to the celebration of women since 2020.  The library hosts a series of free Mnásome events over the course of the month, available to all person’s regardless of pronoun. Creativity and community are two stays in Cashel Library’s philosophy of engagement with our patrons. We endeavour to support all library users to achieve their highest potential through the mechanism of creativity, thereby promoting individual, community and national wellbeing.  International Women’s Day falls on the 8th of March and so does Mother’s Day making March the perfect time to celebrate the achievements of women. This project fuses several creative strands including jewellery making from recycled materials, silk painting, creative writing, folk dance, sculpture, women’s history, genealogy, women’s health as well as practical things like negotiating government and other online services with women of all creeds and nationalities in our hinterland. These workshops will be facilitated by local expertise in arts, heritage, libraries, enterprise and community engagement, to foster collaboration and spark new initiatives.

All events are free of charge and take place in Cashel Library.

Schedule of all library events is available here;





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