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Creative Ireland Grant Scheme

Local authorities may provide financial support to community and voluntary groups and anyone involved in the arts, culture, heritage and language sectors to develop projects to improve access to, and appreciation of, the arts, culture and creativity.

Creative Grant Scheme Information

Tipperary Heritage Office are currently closed to applications to the following grant scheme.

Creative Ireland Project Grant Scheme:

This call is open to all creative practitioners in the county; Artists, Writers, Performers, Crafts people, Historians, Archaeologists, Archivists, Folklorists, Curators to support creative projects in Tipperary. Please see the guidelines of the scheme for full details.

This scheme is now closed for 2023. We advertise our grant schemes and opportunities in our Heritage Office newsletter, you can join the mailing list by emailing “Subscribe” to Please contact if you have queries about this scheme.



Creative Ireland Strategy 2023- 2027

The Tipperary Culture and Creativity Strategy 2023–2027 has been published. Over the past five years the Creative Ireland programme has supported groups and organisations right across the county in activating and supporting creativity in our communities.

This strategy allows our Tipperary County Council to look broadly at creative endeavour and community and identifies strategic priorities for the coming years. Tipperary County Council looks forward to the collaborations and initiatives that will evolve throughout this process and to seeing the implementation of the plan over the next five years

Cultural and Creative Strategy 2023-2027