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Air Pollution Complaint Reporting

Local authorities may investigate complaints about air pollution.

Air Quality

The Quality of the Air You Breath

Ambient Air Quality

Air pollution can affect the health and well-being of sensitive population groups and eco-systems. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has overall responsibility for the co-ordination of ambient air quality monitoring in Ireland in accordance with EU Directives. The National Air Quality Monitoring Programme sets out the basic framework for the measurement of air quality in Ireland It provides the basis for continued development and expansion of monitoring and assessment for a variety of purposes.

The EPA has classified Air quality in County Tipperary as good.

Data for the Clonmel monitor is available at:

Data for the Tipperary Town monitor is available at:

Air Quality Control

Air Quality in Ireland is governed by the Air Pollution Act 1987 ( and the Regulations made under this Act. Air Quality Standards are set in the Air Quality Standards Regulations 2011 (S.I. 180 of 2011) (

Air Emissions Licenses

Local Authorities are empowered under the Air Pollution Acts (Licensing of Industrial Plant) Regulations 1988 ( to license certain classes of activities which may give rise to air emissions. Activities qualifying for an Air Emissions License are listed in Schedule 3 of the Air Pollution Act 1987 and it is the responsibility of Tipperary County Council to control and condition such activities.

Public Information

  • Application for Air Emissions Licence
  • Licence Application Guidance Notes

Air Quality in Clonmel Report

Further Information

Regulatory information on current air quality can be obtained by clicking the link:-

For further queries on Air Emissions (Industrial plant) contact: Tipperary County Council - Civic Offices, Clonmel and Civic Offices, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

Telephone: 0818 06 5000

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