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Temporary Event Signage Permission

You must apply to the local authority for a permit to use temporary signage to advertise events.

Temporary Sign Permit- Thurles MD

Thurles Municipal District recognises the value of advertising signs to visitors, customers, schools, community groups etc and to the general vitality and vibrancy of an area. Our aim is to support good, creative and necessary signage in appropriate places and for appropriate events, facilities and services.

It is also our aim to ensure that the overall presentation of the towns and the image which it portrays is not negatively affected by inappropriate or unauthorised signage. We recognise that signage can have a negative environmental impact as well as being a hindrance to traffic safety and safe pedestrian movement. The aim is not to be anti-business or anti-community but rather to support economic activity while portraying a positive image of our towns within Thurles Municipal District.

In order to achieve a reasonable balance, it is vital that the situation with regard to advertising signage is monitored and regulated, especially signage of a temporary nature. Therefore, Thurles Municipal District are introducing a new process whereby a ‘Temporary Sign Permit’ must be obtained prior to the erection of any temporary signage e.g. signs advertising school shows, open nights, charity events etc.

How to apply for a Temporary Sign Permit:

  1. Complete the attached application form detailing all the relevant information in relation to the event and proposed signage. The completed application form must be submit to Thurles Municipal District Office (details are outlined on the application form).
  2. Permission must be granted before any sign is erected.
  3. Signs cannot be erected more than 7 days before the event and must be removed 3 days after the event.

Failure to comply with the above application process will result in the signage being removed by Tipperary County Council staff and litter fines issued.

Advertising is a vital component of business activity and a means of providing information to the general public. We look forward to your co-operation with this matter which will ensure that the towns within Thurles Municipal District continue to be vibrant and enticing places for all to reside in, work in and visit.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us at: