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End of Life Vehicles Authorisations

Local authorities authorise and maintain a register of treatment facilities that deal with end of life vehicles.

End-of-Life Vehicle Recycling

The European Union (End-Of-Life Vehicles) Regulations 2014 came into effect on 21 June 2014, may be amended from time to time, and replace the 2006 End-Of-Life Vehicles (ELV) Regulations. The main purpose of the ELV Regulations is to assist Ireland achieve its national end-of-life vehicle reuse / recycling / recovery targets set under EU Directive 2000/53/EC on end-of-life vehicles, and, places obligations on: economic operators, registered owners of vehicles, producers, owners or operators of authorised treatment facilities, etc. in order to facilitate the Directives’ implementation in Ireland.

Registered Vehicle Owner Obligations

Where the registered owner of a specified vehicle intends to discard that vehicle as waste; he, she or it shall deposit that vehicle at an authorised treatment facility (ATF), for appropriate treatment and recovery as an end-of-life vehicle. Please note that the Local Authority may issue a ‘Fixed Payment Notice’, where a specified vehicle is discarded as waste, to anywhere other than at an ATF. From 1 January 2007 owners of intact end-of-life cars and vans can deposit them free-of-charge at authorised treatment facilities. On depositing the vehicle at an ATF, the ATF owner or operator shall issue a Certificate of Destruction to the registered owner, an authorised person of a local authority or a member of An Garda Síochána. An exception to the free take-back principle is provided where a vehicle is missing its essential components or where waste has been added to the vehicle.

The authorised treatment facilities in Tipperary, as of March 2018, are:

Name of Facility


Tel No.

Waste Facility Permit No.

Donie Comerford Autospares Ltd.

Ballybreda, Capparoe, Nenagh

067 – 25 224


Michael Bailey t/a Tipperary Used Cars and Car Parts

Doonoor & Lisheenaleen, Dundrum Road, Tipperary Town

062 – 52 750


Southern 4x4 Breakers Ltd. t/a Southern 4x4 Breakers

Kilmaloge, Cahir

052 – 744 2040


Frank Wyse

Clogheen Market, Clogheen

052 - 746 5239


Midland Scrap Metal Co. Ltd. t/a MSM Recycling

Annagh, Birr

057 – 913 9098


Metal Spectrum Ltd.

Bansha West, Bansha

086 - 244 6089


Nalor Car Dismantlers Ltd.

Walshpark, Rathcabbin, Borrisokane



Michael Bailey t/a Tipperary Used Cars and Car Parts

Bruis, Kilross, Tipperary

062 – 52 750


Michael Doyle

Noan, Ballinure, Thurles

087 - 267 6867


Authorised Treatment Facility Obligations

Obligations are also imposed on all authorised treatment facilities to: ensure that such facilities operate under a waste license, or as appropriate, a waste permit and meet the minimum technical requirements for the –

  • storage (including temporary storage) of end-of-life vehicles prior to their being the subject of appropriate treatment and recovery,
  • appropriate treatment and recovery of end-of-life vehicles,
  • storage of components containing fluids, recoverable components and spare parts.
  • keep records of the aggregate weight of materials for reuse, recycling, recovery and disposal arising from end-of-life vehicles and report to local authorities on an annual basis.

From the 1st January 2007 and onwards, on the deposit of an end-of-life vehicle at an authorised treatment facility for appropriate treatment and recovery, the owner or operator of that facility shall

  • issue a Certificate of Destruction to the registered owner, an authorised person of a local authority or a member of An Garda Síochána and
  • all relevant information relating to that certificate of destruction shall be noted on the National Vehicle File.

No charge may be imposed by the authorised treatment facility on the registered owner of the end-of-life vehicle in respect of the Certificate of Destruction. Please note that the Local Authority may issue a ‘Fixed Payment Notice’, where minimum technical requirements or CoD requirements are not being met, and, where ATF transfers an ELV or abandoned vehicle deposited for appropriate treatment, to any person other than at an ATF.

Producer Responsibilities

If you supply new or used cars or light commercial vehicles, previously un-registered in Ireland, to drivers in the Republic of Ireland, you have obligations under the ELV Regulations, including to register annually with either all local authorities within the state or the approved body. Obligations on producers, i.e. vehicle manufacturers and professional importers of both new and used vehicles, are:

  • To establish national collection systems for the recovery and treatment of end-of-life vehicles, that will provide free take-back for vehicles;
  • Register and report annually to each local authority;
  • To ensure that the materials and components of specified vehicles do not contain lead, mercury, cadmium or hexavalent chromium other than in cases specified in the Fourth Schedule of the regulations and that technical documentation must be made available by the producer to verify compliance with these requirements.
  • To compile and maintain appropriate documentation, and make documentation available,
  • Ensure component and material coding standards to facilitate the identification of those components and materials which are suitable for reuse and recovery.
  • Ensure dismantling information for each type of new specified vehicle put on the market in Ireland within six months of these vehicles being put on the market in Ireland.

In November 2016 the ELV Regulations were amended to allow for the establishment of a compliance scheme representing producers, to allow them to fulfill their obligations with the ‘approved body’, in order to reduce the administrative burden of producer responsibility and to utilise producer funding to encourage ELV reuse, recycling and recovery. In this regard End-of-Life Vehicle Environmental Services (ELVES) CLG, was established with effect from 1 January 2017.

ELVES is accepting membership applications from undertakings that manufacture (new) and/ or supply (used) specified vehicles (M1 & N1) to the first consumer (the first title holder or driver of the vehicle) in the State. The approved body’s website is a useful guide to all matters relevant to the ELV sector. To view garages that are ELVES members and are registered in Tipperary County Council, and in the drop down box (viewing members within: scroll down to Tipperary County Council).

Local Authority Responsibilities

Under the regulations, local authorities are responsible for the enforcement of all relevant provisions relating to the permitting of authorised treatment facilities, and where appropriate, producer responsibility provisions concerning the administration of the system of producer registration. Further Information including car producer obligations is available on the Department ofCommunications Climate Action and Environment website