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Climate Action Initiatives

Local authorities may run climate action initiatives as part of their commitment to climate action.

Climate Action


Climate Action


Click her to be redirected to the Tipperary County Council Climate Action Site for up to date climate information.

The Tipperary County Council Climate Action Plan 2024-2029 (LACAP) was made at the plenary meeting of Tipperary County Council on the 12th of February 2024. 

It is the function of the LACAP to set out how the Council will deliver on climate action (Climate Mitigation and Climate Adaptation) in areas within its own remit, and how the Council through its actions, will seek to influence, facilitate and advocate for climate action across other sectors and communities in how they achieve their own climate actions and targets.

Click here to view the  Tipperary County Council Climate Action Plan 2024 – 2029

On the 2nd pf February 2023 Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications, Eamon Ryan, announced funding of €24 million for Local Authorities to support and build low carbon communities across the country.

This funding is part of the Community Climate Action Programme, which supports projects and initiatives that facilitate community climate action through education, capacity building and learning by doing.  For Further information on Tipperary County Council's Community Climate Action Programme go to

Community Climate Action Fund

The Community Climate Action Fund is a new fund that will support small and large, rural and urban communities to take climate action at a local level.  In conjunction with the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications, Tipperary County Council will support communities to promote and assist in community climate action.

The Community Climate Action Fund will help members of our community to act in their local areas.  Its goal is to shape and build low-carbon, sustainable communities that will contribute to achieving Ireland's national climate action and energy targets. 

For more information on the fund you must contact the Community Climate Action Officer, Marie O'Donnell.


Phone: 087 781 2475